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The Blue Hazard Tractor Pulling Team have gone far and wide to take part in Tractor Pulling competitions. In this motorsport competition, a tractor needs to drag or pull with it a heavy sledge; something that looks like a wagon that gets heavier with more distance. The team that gets the furthest will be awarded as the winner. Blue Hazard has been competing since 1994 to conquer that first place at these competitions, often attracting thousands of spectators. Over the years they have put some serious investments into the building of better, more professional and stronger tractors. Grabbing that number one spot always keeps them going, but fun teamwork and working together on the Blue Hazard is always their main priority


With our special harmonica-joint, passengers can join the journey in the trailer of the truck, without breaking any rules. We’ve developed this joint due to the request of the Blue Hazard Tractor Pulling team. “The joint had such a positive impact that other teams are showing interest as well,” says Niek van den Heijkant from Blue Hazard.


Not only do we make joints for machines and air ducts, but we’re always happy to adapt our expertise to different disciplines or fields to find new solutions. So, we took on this challenge with great confidence.


Every Tractor Pulling team needs a truck to take the tractor to the location of the competition. “The tractor is designed to give all its got in about four seconds, just like a formula-1 car, you don’t just take it on the road” explains Van den Heijkant.


For transportation, the team bought and converted a semi-trailer truck from the supermarket chain Jumbo. This is made up of a fixed container with a trailer attached to it at the back. In the trailer, you will find the mobile workstation and the tractor. In the foremost container, you will find the lounge area.


“These competitions take us through all of Europe and often we’ll be on the road with 9 people. Of course, that is more than a few too many to fit in the driver’s cabin,” explains Van den Heijkant. “But according to the law, you can’t take people with you in the lounge area at the back because this is not connected to the cabin.”

After cooperation and consultation with the Department of Transport, it appeared that this is allowed if a flexible connection is installed that lets passengers crawl through it. So, the team began their search for a specialist in flexible connections and that is how they came to us.

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Blue Hazard shared the dimensions of where the rear window of the truck can be installed. The team also pointed out that there is about 10 centimetres of movement between the cabin with suspension system and the container that is mounted on the frame. This is how we knew exactly which measurements and requirements the flexible connection needed.


“We installed the flexible connection ourselves and we’re very satisfied with the result, says Van den Heijkant. “The flexible connection is very successful in absorbing the impact of the movement between the cabin and cargo box, reduces the noise of the motor and manages to keep the cold out.” Other Tractor Pulling teams have noticed the amount of ease the flexible connection creates and two groups have already shown interest.


Besides that, we see many different ways to apply this flexible connection that can be very useful. Consider, for example, a crashtender that brings a relief team to the scene of the accident. The driver would be able to stay in direct contact with the relief team. In a special horse truck, it can also be useful if someone can sit with the horses in the back or if the driver has a direct view of the animals. We can go on detailing many more opportunities, there are plenty of options.


Can our flexible connection be useful for your truck? Or maybe you’re in need of a different type of flexible connection? We’re happy to help! Contact us on tel. +31 416 764 764 or via

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