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  • Several options for clamps and nuts
  • Several options for gasket materials
  • Explosion Pressure Resistant to 1,5 Bar
  • Large variation in Gasket materials
  • Tool Release versions available
  • Lock Out Tag Out clamps for safety


There are several clamps available to put together the well known triclamp coupling. Versions are:

  • Hinged clamp with 1 bolt with 1 wingnut
  • 2 bolt clamp with 2 wingnuts

Clamps are available in various materials:

  • AISI 316L / DIN1.4404
  • AISI 304 / DIN1.4301

Most used is the AISI 316L / DIN1.4404 quality because most of the machine parts are made in this material. AISI 304 / DIN 1.4301 is also available because the clamps are on the outside of the tube and have less contact with cleaning fluids or product which flow through the tubing and have a lower price.


The clamps are sold with a wing nut or 2 wingnuts as a standard. Optional are the Hexagon Nuts which are sold seperatly. As a special, you can opt for nuts that are fitted with a tube which you can put a padlock through locking the acces to the nut.

Available Tri-Clamp Flanges

Tri-clamp Ferrules

Triclamp ferrules are available in many standards and materials. Clamps are available in materials:

  • AISI 316L / DIN1.4404 Ra0.8 – standard
  • AISI 304 / DIN1.4301 Ra0.8
  • Other materials on request, such as plastic / PTFE / Hastelloy
    • Other surface finishes are also possible


  • DIN 32676
  • ISO 1127
  • BS 4825 pt3
  • ASME BPE 2004
  • Other standards are available
    • Please contact us for a diameter datasheet of all the standards

Available Tri-Clamp Flanges


Triclamp gaskets are available in 4 materials:

  • EPDM black
  • Silicone translucent / white
  • PTFE solid white
  • PTFE Envelope with a Viton inlay
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