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  • 100% sealed – no leaks
  • Easy to install
  • Quick to fit & remove bags
  • Strong and Durable
  • No pinching points
  • No loose parts
  • Inflates in seconds
  • Deflates in seconds
  • Custom sizes
  • For all sizes of Bulk Bags and bulk containers
  • Fits every existing equipment connection
  • Jacob, Tri-clamp, Snap in cuffs connections available
  • For imperial and metric tubing


  • Available with most common quick couplings and connections, and available with custom connections.
  • Inflates in seconds and provides a tight seal on the neck / spout of the bulk bag eliminating product leaks.
  • Much safer for workers hands as there are no pinch points
  • Can be used on bulk bags with or without plastic liners, bins or containers.
  • Easy to detach in only seconds for easy cleaning
  • Standardized sizes fast available
  • Custom made sizes fast available
  • Hygienic Poly Urethane material
  • Explosion safety
  • Food contact safety according to all big international regulations
  • No parts that can loosen and be lost in the machinery or bulk container or bag
  • Filcoflex Poly Urethane is non porous and easy to clean
  • Filcoflex Poly Urethane does not degrade

Can be used to fill or empty all sorts of bulk containers such as:

  • Big Bag
  • Plastic bag
  • Paper bag
  • Super sack
  • FIBC
  • Bin
  • Vessel
  • Drum
  • Bags and bins with or without liners
  • Bulk packaging

Pneumatic Bag Seal – Quick Detach

An Inflatable Seal that attaches to a filling head of a filling or emptying station for filling all sorts of Big Bags, containers and bins.

The name PBS QD stands for Pneumatic Bag Seal – Quick Detach. Quick Detach meaning this version is available with a number of connecting methods that allow to quickly attach or detach this inflatable seal to the big-bag filling equipment.

PBS-QD is available in standardized sizes and in any custom size, both are in the same price strategy and are available with the same fast delivery.


Unworked End for hoseclamp


FSC sealed in Jacob Flange


FDM pressed on Jacob Flange


LFR pressed on Tri-clamp


Snap in Ring

Construction of the product

PBS-QD is built up out of three layers of Poly Urethane film of 1.0mm thickness. PBS-QD has a Stainless steel tube incased in between the 2 inner layers which are sealed airtight to prevent any accumulation of dust or fluids from inside the Big-Bag filling station and from the outside production room.

The third layers is the outside inflatable bladder, which inflates outward to provide a 100% seal between the filling installation and the powder container or big bag neck / spout.

Welded in hoses, no loose parts.

Every type of coupling:

  • Jacob / KMH / NORO / Truduct
  • Tri – Clamp
  • Snap In Cuff
  • Hose clamp
  • Bolt Pattern Flange

Stainless steel tube encased in strong, flexible sleeve PU.

Encased Stainless Steel ring to support lower end.

  • When inflated the outer Poly Urethane layer will securely hold the bag neck up and open for clean, efficient filling.
  • There are no pinch points to endanger operator’s hands when fitting the bag.
  • Can be used with or without plastic liners.

Connecting method

Traditional Inflatable seals are fitted by being mounted on the outside of the tube or filling head. When the inflatable seal is pressurized it shortens and a pocket is opens up between the inflatable seal and the machine tube / filling head. In this pocket dust or powder can accumulate. In some applications this is not permitted. For those applications PBS-QD is designed.

PBS-QD does not slide over the filling spout or tube, but it connects to it. Because the seal is not fitted on the outside of any existing tube anymore there is no more gap where powder or dust can accumulate between the tube or chute of the bag filling station and the inflatable seal that slides over the tube. In case of manual cleaning the Inflatable Bag Clamp detaches and attaches in a matter of seconds making it an nearly effortless operation to clean.

Pneumatic Connection and operation

PBS-QD is built with welded in compressed air lines, made of poly urethane hoses. The hoses are completely airtight welded in to the upper rim of the Poly Urethane inflatable bladder. The 8×5.5mm PU air hose is suitable to use with any standard 8mm push in air fitting, allowing it to attached and detach within seconds.

The hoses are welded up straight to stay clear from the bulk bag. The inflatable bladder is 100% free of any obstructions, sharp edges or pneumatic fittings. The full bladder length can be used to clamp the bulk bag or container. Because there are no obstructions or fitting in the inflatable bladder, more bladder surface can be used making it easier to position or align Bulk bags or containers without losing time.

The 3D HF welding technique used to weld the hoses in the Inflatable clamp ensures a 100% seal. Each weld is tested before the Pneumatic Bag Seal is shipped out.

Threaded fittings create possible entry points in to the bladder. This can be classified as a hygiene risk.

By welding the hoses in the upper rim instead of using threaded fittings in the outside sleeve. The entire inflatable bladder surface is free of any sharp object.

Threaded parts can loosen and because of this parts can be lost in the machinery or bulk container or bag. Threaded fittings can start to leak, and can’t be tied down because 1 side is not accessible to hold while tightening down.

PBS-QD as a standard comes with 2 hoses, divided over 180° from each other. The quantity of hoses can be anywhere between 1 and 6 pcs. The number of hoses has an effect on the speed of inflating and deflating.

The distance between the hoses can be evenly spaced around the full 360° circumference. The hoses can also be orientated together on one side.

The Polyether Urethane hoses can be easily cut to length. The standard length is 175mm Simply use a pair of Multipurpose Miter Shears for the best and easiest cut.

Operator safety

There are no pinch points no sharp edges or metal objects in the clamping area that endanger the hands or fingers of operators. Safety instructions can be embossed in the PU

Air pressure / Compressed Air

The ideal compressed air line operating pressure is recommended to 0,3 Bar / 4.3 PSI.

If a higher pressure is required to reach a larger inflated diameter this is possible, the absolute recommended maximum pressure is 0.41 Bar / 6 PSI.

If air pressure recommendations are exceeded this may cause permanent damage to the inflatable bladder. Even though a higher pressure can be held in without any immediate burst, it is recommended to not to exceed the maximum pressure recommendations.

A hand operated button or switch as well as a food pedal can be used to operate the inflation of the seal. Filcoflex offers a full kit with a hand button.

Connection Styles and Dimensions

Tri-clamp connection

LFR (L) or CFL
Length 350mm
Standards: DIN 32676 / ISO 1127 / BS 4825 pt.3
Standards: DIN 11864 / Sterivalve and others
Ø 100 – 315

Jacob Connection

FSC (F) or FDM (M)
Standardized sizes
Length 350mm
Ø 100, 120, 140, 150, 175, 200, 224, 250, 280, 300, 315, 350, 400, 450, 500, 560, 600, 630

Snap In Flexible (B)

Length 350mm (+30mm Snap In Band)
Ø 200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 450

Unworked end for hose clamp (R)

Length 350mm (+30mm Snap In Band)
Ø 100 – no maximum diameter

Sealed in hose clamp (K)

Length 350mm (+30mm Snap In Band)
Ø 100 – no maximum diameter

Bolt Pattern flanges (D)

Length 350mm (+30mm Snap In Band)
Ø 100 – no maximum diameter
Every bolt pattern

Inside diameter Outside diameter Expands to fit Bag Neck Sizes (mm)
(ID) (OD) 0.30 bar 0.41 bar
100 110
114 124
140 150
150 160
168 178
175 185
200 210 230 242
219 229
224 234
250 260 340
280 290 375
300 310 375 400
315 325
319 329
350 360 425 460
400 410 540
450 460 590
500 510 550
560 570 710
600 610 750
630 640 780

* All expanded diameters are based on the 350mm standard length.

** Other lengths are available. If your sizes is not mentioned please let us know we will gladly calculate or test it for you.

Parameter Explanation
L total Length
BL inflatable Blatter Length
ID Inside Diameter
OD Outside Diameter when deflated
Max Inflated OD Maximum Inflatable Outside Diameter

Standardized sizes are available, next to our custom made sizes all using the same price strategy, and fast delivery.

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