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  • Seamless Silicone
  • USP Class VI
  • Smooth inside and outside
  • Standardised diameters 60 – 315
  • Length 3000mm max
  • Seamless EPDM / Gum rubber
  • FDA compliant
  • Smooth inside bore
  • Standard diameters 60 – 315
  • Length 3000mm max

Hose on roll

A quick and easy way to connect pipes or moving machine parts can be with a sleeve that is fitted with hose clamps on each side. These types of connectors are usually easy to make and easy to assemble. The hose clamps can be adjusted to any tightness. The connector can be designed as round or oval in every diameter, circumference, height and length. By making sleeves on roll, a standard diameter can be ordered and be kept on stock.The lengths of sleeves often variate. With Hose On Roll you can cut the required length of your stock roll. This makes it the perfect universal stock item to be used on many different positions in a factory or during commission testing of a new system or machine. The right length connectors still need to be ordered with Jacob or tri-clamp flanges, but the testing can commence without the final sleeves being present yet. This way, overlength and sleeve compression can also be tested to have the right sleeve made for final delivery of the installation.

Hose On Roll is also ideal to make temporary or emergency repair sleeves with. This applies to both a flexible connection with flanges or quick connect coupling, until you receive a new flexible connections with flanges, Jacob or tri-clamp coupling. It can function as a temporary sleeve to replace our FDM, FSC, LFR, Flange Fitted or even Snapring Flexible connections. The diameter stretches with some force to the most used diameters. Easy to store and takes up little space in stockrooms, in mechanics vans or containers of the on-site crew. All our Hose On Roll products comply to FDA, some comply to EC11935/2004 and/or 10/2011. All Poly Urethane 0.3mm, 1.0mm, 1.5mm are safe to use in ATEX zones. Please check our testing reports for the right conditions of length, airspeed, minimum ignition energy, etc.


For more information please go to our Materials Comparison Table.

Materials comparison table

Parameter Explanation
T OD A Tube Outside Diameter
ID A Inside Diameter
HC A HoseClamp width
SES A Straight End Sleeve Length
CL Length Sleeve Total
BIHA Length Between Tubes / Flanges
MAX Maximum Available Build in Height
SES B Straight End Sleeve Length
HC B HoseClamp width
ID B Inside Diameter
T OD B Tube Outside Diameter
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