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Easy entry option for in-stream product testing and sampling

Quick access ports as Filler Caps and Threaded Caps allow easy access inside the ducting / powder stream. Filler caps make it easy to take samples during production. The Quick Access Ports allow for Metal Objects and Metal Balls to be introduced in the powder flow for metal detector testing.

The Quick access ports, Filler Caps and Threaded Caps will allow you to even add small volume ingredients during production.

The Quick access ports, Threaded Caps and Filler Ports allow access to your powder stream without any shutdown, or large product spillage, simply because you do not have to take out the flexible connector.

Filcoflex offers a very wide range of possible quick access ports, filler caps, threaded caps and threaded flanges.

23mm filler cap
28mm filler cap

25mm threaded cap
35mm threaded cap

45mm threaded cap

95mm threaded cap

146mm threaded cap

G 3/4 “ Threaded Flange

Threaded flanges allow for threaded nozzles, electronic equipment, and other process components to be added to the flexible, such as:

  • product flow detector
  • spark detection (to be used with a non transparent flexible
  • pressure sensor
  • humidity detection
  • leak detection
  • hose pilars
  • and many more.

Quick Access Ports, Threaded Caps, Nozzles, and Threaded Flanges are available on any shape and size.

To any style Fitting.

  • Jacob clamp
  • Tri- Clamp
  • Hose Clamp
  • Hole Pattern Flanges
  • And any other Filcoflex product you can think of

Inflation Valves

Valves as know for inflatable boats and furniture can be added to the Filcoflex tpu product range.

These Quick Access ports, Threaded Caps, Nozzles and Threaded Flanges can be added only on our Poly-Urethane product range.

Available with:

  • PU-UF03
  • PU-UF07
  • PU-UF1
  • PU-UF3
  • PU-UF15
  • PU-UF20
  • PUW1
  • PUmag08
  • PKPU
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