A vast number of flexible connectors do not meet the extra requirements that call for Quick Connect type systems, Tri-Clamps, or flanges. When a Flexible sleeve simply slides over a pipe it can be fitted with a hose clamp. Depending on the type of application and size we offer a vast range of hose Clamps.

Hose clamps KLB20 and KLB25 are tested to be explosion shock resistant over 1.5 Bar, making them suitable for ATEX designs in combination with the right Filcoflex hose on roll, or custom made hose clamp fitted flexible sleeve.

KLB09 and KLB20 are suitable to fit:

  • Silicone Weighing bellows White
  • Silicone Weighing bellows Conductive Black
  • Silicone Weighing bellows Asymetrical Conical
  • Hose on Roll
  • Step bellows
  • Hoses

KLB25 is suitable to fit:

  • Large diameter custom made expansion joints
  • Large diameter flexible connectors
  • KLB09 – 9mm wide stainless steel worm screw hose clamp
  • KLB20 – 20mm wide stainless steel Bolted Clamp with Allen key in RVS 304/DIN 1.4301
    • 1 section
    • 2 sections
  • KLB25 – 25mm wide stainless steel RVS 316/DIN 1.4401 or RVS 430/DIN 1.4016 provides a few different Locking styles, 2 bolts options
    • I = Allenkey
    • T = T-Bolt
    • P = closed fixed adjustment*
    • C = quick lock with open fixed hook**
    • G = quick lock with closed hinge/secured hook (cannot jump out of position)*

KLB09 and KLB20 are always in stock, but KLB25 is custom made to order.

On multi section clamps there is always a maximum of 1 Quick lock type C or G, the remaining locks will always be type P.

*P is available with either brass or stainless steel bushings

**C and G are always with T-Bolt

  • KLB09   Ø115 < Ø750
  • KLB20   Ø 28 < Ø364
  • KLB25   Ø400 < Ø no maximum