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Optional Product Features

Features and Options that can be incorporated in your flexible sleeve design. The shapes that can be made, and special features such as; reinforcement rings, embossed logo’s etching, NFC tags, compressed air hoses, brackets, flange padding and more.

NFC Chip

NFC technology on flexible sleeves, seals and gaskets. Program all vital information for your production process via text and URL such as; safety instructions, replacement dates, cleaning instructions, P&ID numbers and many more. Read and write with any NFC compatible mobile device on iOS, MacOS, Windows, Android and Linux.

Padding Gasket for Flanges and Clamps

Additional Padding Gasket for any flanged or clamped flexible connector to provide a better seal, and a better clamp profile for unsmooth surfaces, and uneven tensioned bolts or clamps. Padding Gaskets make fitting a sleeve a much easier task , and ensure prospering sealing on the first try.

Branding, Marking & Identification

Filcoflex offers various methods of branding, marking and identification. Thermal embossing, etching, laser engraving and printed labels are amongst the many options. QR codes or NFC tags are also possible, and many of these markings and branding methods can be combined on the flexible connections and bellows. All markings and branding can be personalized per single quantities.

Quick Access Ports and Caps

Easy entry option for in-stream product testing and sampling. Quick access ports as Filler Caps and Threaded Caps allow easy access inside the ducting / powder stream. Filler caps make it easy to take samples during production. The Quick Access Ports allow for Metal Objects and Metal Balls to be introduced in the powder flow for metal detector testing.


As all of our products are made to order, there are many exceptions and special editions available. If you are looking for something specific or didn’t find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss custom solutions.

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