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  • 100% sealed – no leaks
  • Easy to install
  • Quick to fit & remove bags
  • Strong and Durable
  • No pinching points
  • No loose parts
  • Inflates in seconds
  • Deflates in seconds
  • Fully Customizable
  • For all sizes of Bulk Bags and bulk containers
  • Fits every existing equipment
  • No changes needed to existing equipment
  • 1 on 1 replacement for existing inflatable seals
  • For imperial and metric tubing
  • Available with many types of connections


  • No changes required to the filling head, chute or tube
  • Interchangeable with existing inflatable seals and clamps
  • Available with and without clamps, quick connection or even can be used without any connection.
  • Inflates in seconds and provides a tight seal on the neck / spout of the bulk bag eliminating product leaks.
  • Much safer for workers hands as there are no pinch points
  • Can be used on bulk bags with or without plastic liners, bins or containers.
  • Easy to detach in only seconds for easy cleaning
  • Fully custom made diameter and length with short lead time
  • Hygienic Poly Urethane material
  • Explosion safety
  • Food contact safety according to all big international regulations
  • No parts that can loosen and be lost in the machinery or bulk container or bag
  • Filcoflex Poly Urethane is non porous and easy to clean
  • Filcoflex Poly Urethane does not degrade

Can be used to fill or empty all sorts of bulk containers such as:

  • Big Bag
  • Plastic bag
  • Paper bag
  • Super sack
  • FIBC
  • Bin
  • Vessel
  • Drum
  • Bags and bins with or without liners
  • Bulk packaging

Pneumatic Bulk Bag Seal – Over Tube (PBS – OT)

PBS-OT is an Inflatable Seal that slides over a filling head, chute or tube of any Bulk filling or emptying station for all sorts of Big Bags, containers and bins.

The name PBS OT stands for Pneumatic Bulk Bag Seal – Over Tube. Over Tube meaning this version slides over the existing chute, filling head or tube without making any changes to the metal works, no special ferule or flange is required. PBS-OT is an inflatable bag clamp interchangeable with existing rubber or silicone inflatable seals improving the hygiene and durability without making any changes to existing equipment.

PBS-OT is made to any custom diameter or length with a short delivery time

Poly Urethane is a more hygienic material because it does not deteriorate, crack and does not turn brittle. The surface of Poly Urethane on both sides is gloss and non-porous, making it easy to clean. Poly Urethane has been tested safe to use for repetitive contact with foods with the most common international food contact regulations.


Unworked End


Straight Sleeve End


Sealed in 9mm Hose Clamp


Quick fit lips with holes


Quick fit lips with holes and tabs

Construction of the product

PBS-OT is 100% sealed bladder made out of Poly Urethane film of 1.0mm thickness. The Bladder can be inflated through the welded in TPU Ø8×5,5mm air hoses. When it is inflated it clamps the Bulk Bag firmly and seals the opening of the bag preventing any dust or powder leakage. PBS-OT slides over any existing tube or filling head without having to weld any special adapter or ferules. PBS-OT stays in place with or without any additional connecting accessories.

Tube / Chute / Filling Head.

Inflatable Bulk Bag Seal. Pneumatic Bag Seal.

Bulk Bag.

  • When inflated the outer Poly Urethane Bladder will securely hold the bag neck up and open for clean, efficient filling.
  • There are no pinch points to endanger operator’s hands when fitting the bag.
  • Can be used with or without plastic liners.

Connecting method

PBS-OT is fitted by being mounted on the outside of the tube or filling head. When the inflatable seal is pressurized it shortens and expands more than a laminated multi-layer inflatable seal.

The installation of the Inflatable Bag clamp over the tube or filling head takes mere seconds. Sliding the Big Bag over the inflatable bladder also requires only seconds.



Pneumatic Connection and operation

PBS-QD is built with welded in compressed air lines, made of poly urethane hoses. The hoses are completely airtight welded in to the upper rim of the Poly Urethane inflatable bladder. The 8×5.5mm PU air hose is suitable to use with any standard 8mm push in air fitting, allowing it to attached and detach within seconds.

The hoses are welded up straight to stay clear from the bulk bag. The inflatable bladder is 100% free of any obstructions, sharp edges or pneumatic fittings. The full bladder length can be used to clamp the bulk bag or container. Because there are no obstructions or fitting in the inflatable bladder, more bladder surface can be used making it easier to position or align Bulk bags or containers without losing time.

The 3D HF welding technique used to weld the hoses in the Inflatable clamp ensures a 100% seal. Each weld is tested before the Pneumatic Bulk Bag Seal is shipped out.

Threaded fittings create possible entry points in to the bladder. This can be classified as a hygiene risk.

By welding the hoses in the upper rim instead of using threaded fittings in the outside sleeve, The entire inflatable bladder surface is free of any sharp object.

Threaded parts can loosen and because of this parts can be lost in the machinery or bulk container or bag. Threaded fittings can start to leak, and can’t be tied down because 1 side is not accessible to hold while tightening down.

PBS-OT as a standard comes with 2 hoses, divided over 180° from each other. The quantity of hoses can be anywhere between 1 and 6 pcs. The number of hoses has an effect on the speed of inflating and deflating.

The distance between the hoses can be evenly spaced around the full 360° circumference. The hoses can also be orientated together on one side.

The Polyether Urethane hoses can be easily cut to length. The standard length is 175mm. Simply use a pair of Multipurpose Miter Shears for the best and easiest cut.

Operator safety

There are no pinch points no sharp edges or metal objects in the clamping area that endanger the hands or fingers of operators. Safety instructions can be embossed in the PU

Air pressure / Compressed Air

The ideal compressed air line operating pressure is recommended to 0,3 Bar / 4.3 PSI.

If a higher pressure is required to reach a larger inflated diameter. Please first contact Filcoflex for advise. The absolute recommended maximum pressure is 0.41 Bar / 6 PSI but this does not apply to larger diameters or lengths

If air pressure recommendations are exceeded this may cause permanent damage to the inflatable bladder. Even though a higher pressure can be held in without any immediate burst, it is recommended to not to exceed the maximum pressure recommendations.

A hand operated button or switch as well as a food pedal can be used to operate the inflation of the seal. Filcoflex offers a full kit with a hand button.

Connection Styles and Dimensions

Filcoflex offers 5 different styles to connect the Inflatable Bulk Bag seal to the bulk filling or emptying equipment.


30mm Straight End Sleeve end
Can be fitted with or without hose clamp
Length: 100 – 350mm
Total length: – 40mm is Bladder Length
Smallest Diameter: Ø 100mm
Largest Diameter: unlimited


Sealed In 9mm hose clamp
9mm stainless steel screw clip
Length: 100 – 350mm
Total length: – 30mm is Bladder Length
Smallest Diameter: Ø 100mm
Largest Diameter: unlimited


Lips for quick fixing to the tube
Weld studs on the tube or filling head Ø8-Ø10mm
The lips with holes can slide over the studs
Length: 100 – 350mm
Total length: – 40mm is Bladder Length
Smallest Diameter: Ø 100mm
Largest Diameter: unlimited


Double Lips for quick fixing to the tube
Weld studs on the tube or filling head Ø8-Ø10mm
The lips with holes can slide over the studs
Length: 100 – 350mm
Total length: – 40mm is Bladder Length
Smallest Diameter: Ø 100mm
Largest Diameter: unlimited


Unworked End
No clamp or any type of fixing method
Length: 100 – 350mm
Total length: – 10mm is Bladder Length
Smallest Diameter: Ø 100mm
Largest Diameter: unlimited

Parameter Explanation
L total Length of the inflatable seal
R Length of the upper Rim
BL inflatable Bladder Length
BIHA Maximum length available to fit an Inflatable Bulk Bag Seal
ID Inside Diameter of the seal / Outside diameter of the tube
OD – deflated Outside Diameter when deflated
Max Inflated OD Maximum Inflated Outside Diameter / Bulk Bag (spout) Diameter
Dimensions Pressure
ID Bladder Length (BL) OD deflated 0,3 Bar / 4,35 PSI 0,41 Bar / 6PSI
104 90 108
104 140 108
104 190 108
154 90 158
154 140 158
154 190 158
204 90 208
204 140 208 239 261
204 190 208
254 90 258 300 305
254 140 258 310 320
254 190 258 312 335
254 240 258 315 377
273 190 277 340 368
304 90 308 360 370
304 140 308 371 393
304 190 308 386 423
304 240 308 387 456
304 290 308 408 509
354 140 358 435 460
354 190 358 454 490
404 90 408 477 485
404 140 408 505 520
404 190 408 530 558
454 90 458 519 535
454 140 458 555 570
454 190 458 580 600


The list of sizes will keep expanding with every new size that is manufactured. If your required size is not listed yet, please send us the requirement and we will be happy to test it for you

Every pneumatic bulk bag seal is custom made to the required filling head / chute diameter and length, calculated to be right size for each diameter Bulk Bag that is used in your filling process. All custom made products have a short delivery time.

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