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Here at Filcoflex, we appreciate the need for fast material transport throughout the foodstuffs sector. Your business is no different, which is why you should only settle for the very best solutions. From waste disposal to transportation of materials, you cannot make mistakes in this area. When dealing with several pipes, flexible pipe fittings are essential components for a smooth system. Here’s what you need to know about what they can do for your disposal units.

Why Flexible Pipe Fittings?

Healthy pipework is crucial in all environments. As a foodstuffs company, though, it’s fair to assume that you handle more materials than most. Therefore, you need a system that will provide the right service time and time again. It may feel like a simple element, but the pipe fitting is key.

Flexible pipe fittings offer a robust, reliable, and versatile solution. With so many different products included in the range, all problems can be rectified. Whether it’s correcting misaligned pipework or upgrading outdated facilities doesn’t matter. This is the obvious solution.

For starters, flexible pipe fittings can be used alongside a variety of piping solutions. This includes both PVC and metal materials. Meanwhile, they resist corrosion to ensure a long-lasting purchase.

Flexible pipe fittings are also lightweight and actively aid the flow of waste disposal. Meanwhile, those fittings can handle an array of different materials and chemicals. Moreover, being leak resistant ensures that those crucial areas remain in the safest condition. When working in the foodstuffs industries, this is perhaps more vital than ever.

Ultimately, flexible pipe fittings offer an affordable, reliable solution to those piping needs. With the right fixture, your business will be running better than ever in no time. And at Filcoflex, we boast an array of options to ensure you see optimum results.

What now?

Our team of experienced and friendly professionals is always at hand to help you with all your piping needs. Whether you know the type of fitting needed or not, we will discuss those needs to find the perfect materials and designs for your requirements.

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Filcoflex stands for innovative solutions as a result of 30 years of knowledge and experience. We have many references in the foodstuffs sector in Europe. Filcoflex has also been operating outside of Europe for several years and has many overseas references.

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One of the main reasons for using flexible pipe fittings is that it removes the need to replace the entire piping system. For this to happen, however, it’s imperative that you find the right connector for your specific needs. Adaptors can be installed to make pipework more suitable for your requirements. This means that virtually all scenarios can be handled in an effective manner. The Filcoflex range includes Jacob flexible connectors, flange fitted, and hose fitted connectors. The full list is far more extensive, and our team is always happy to explore those possibilities. All of our products use high-quality materials and are both safe and hygienic. Moreover, they can be produced to handle the specific needs of the items in question. From silicone free products to managing abrasive sugars, the pipe fittings can be chosen accordingly. For a reliable, long-lasting solution, the right choice of flexible pipe fitting is key. Get this right, and you’ll never need to worry about this element again.