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About Innovative Seals

Seals and gaskets for couplings and connections aswell as pipes passing through walls or floors. Covers to protect wiring, mechanical parts or to make enclosures.

Spray Shields

Spray Shields are applicable where liquids are transported through pipes. When pipes, pipelines and valves are used to transport gases and liquids, gaskets are used to seal flange connections. Spray shields are covers that are applied around the flanges of pipelines to protect the environment and the installation or for faster detection of leaks using so-called indicative material.

hose clamps

Hose Clamps

In order to be able to connect every flexible sleeve in a robust and sound manner, we have a wide range of clamping straps and hose clamps in our selection. There are 3 different styles of locks with brass bushes.


Pipetite® is designed to seal around pipes and tubes where they pass through walls and floors. Unlike metal wall plates or escutcheons, Pipetite is completely flexible. It stays in place and maintains a seal, despite vibration and movement in pipelines. Filcoflex stocks Pipetite in several styles and sizes to fit different applications. 


These gaskets are cut from a sheet of rubber or plastic and are often used to connect tubing or flange couplings. Almost any shape and size is possible.


As all of our products are made to order, there are many exceptions and special editions available. If you are looking for something specific or didn’t find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss custom solutions.

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