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  • Airtight
  • Dust tight
  • Dust reduction = fire hazard reduction
  • Easy operation
  • Consistent Function
  • Fast
  • Hygienic
  • Custom made sizes

Inflatable Bag Clamp 1

With the inflatable bag clamp, a Big-Bag or bag is easy to fill, convenient to use and the work environment remains dust-free. The inflatable bag clamps are custom-made in all pipe diameters, bag diameters and different lengths.

Bag clamps can be made with 1 or more pneumatic fittings, with a choice of 2 types:

  • Ø6mm Quick-connector fitting for PA hose
  • 1/8” Fitting with an exterior screw thread

They are also available in various material types for various applications. They can be used for indoors (mostly) and outdoors, for high temperature application, aggressive chemicals, food, feed and many more .


New Old
  • Quick and easy replacement
  • Replacing a bag clamp is time consuming
  • Lower risk of damage
  • Bags easily damage
  • No tools needed
  • Use of tools
  • Leak free connection
  • Dust and dirt because of bad sealing
  • Cleaner work environment
  • Dirty work environment


The Inflatable Bag Clamp can be produced in various materials. For more information please go to our Materials Comparison Table.

Materials comparison table

Parameter Explanation
L Length Inflatable Bag Clamp
TH Thickness of the rim
BIH A Build In Height Available
OD Rim Outer Diameter Rim
Max Inflatable Maximum Inflatable diameter
OD Tube Outside Diameter Tube
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