Product information

The Hecht Tri-Clamp Bellow is moulded from one piece, providing it’s own seal, meaning a separate gasket ring is no longer required. It is designed for optimal hygiene and to create optimal weighing results. These bellows have a conical asymmetrical design, the bottom angle of 60° prevents powder collection or blockage. No powders can remain behind, which is possible with the conventional spherical bellow. These bellows are suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

The bellow is available for Tri-Clamp connection and is pressure resistant up to 100 mbar. It is suitable for CIP.


  • No cervices, no product deposits
  • Minimal effect on weighing result
  • No joints, cast in one piece, permanently elastic; gas and liquid tight
  • suitable for CIP
  • Replaceable stabilisation and support ring
  • FDA and ECC approved
  • Self-sealing
Technical specifications


  • Silicone MVQ, FDA compliant 
  • EPDM black, FDA compliant, electrostatic conductive
  • EPDM white, FDA compliant

Exchangeable pressing ring

  • No glued areas
  • Reusablesupporting ring
  • Replaceable bellow

Hygienic Asymmetrical Conical Design

  • No product piling in the bellow, due to 60 bottom angle
  • No contaminations
  • Hygienic seal construction
  • Maximum weighing compensation

Fields of application

  • Pharma, Food and Chemical industry
  • Weighing technology
  • Vibration compensation
Size A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm)
DN 80 106 63 81 106
DN 100 161 90 100 119
DN 150 214 110 150 183
DN 200 265 130 202 233,5
DN 250 314 110 250 268

valid for all defined materials.

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