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Filcoflex offers a wide range of flexible sleeves in translucent silicone. A Silicone flexible sleeve can be made in various thicknesses. Standard silicone sleeves are made in either a seamless silicone rubber tube, or from a silicone sheet material which is formed into a silicone sleeve or a silicone flexible.

Silicone rubber is a semi-organic synthetic made from sand and alkyl or aryl halides. While silicone rubber looks and feels like organic rubber, it has a completely different type of structure than other elastomers. Silicone rubber consists of a chain of silicon and oxygen atoms rather than carbon and hydrogen atoms as found in other types of rubber. This structure gives silicone rubber a very flexible but weak chain. Silicone’s structure also provides a material that has very small change in dynamic characteristics over a wide range of temperature.


PKSR is an enhanced Silicone sheet material specially for flexible sleeves. PKSR is 2mm solid silicone sheet material with a polyester knitted open mesh reinforcement ply encapsulated in the center of the silicone to increase the tear strength of the silicone sheet material to manufacture silicone flexibles and silicone sleeves for big amplitude vibrating equipment.

Silicone translucent sheet

Filcoflex offers a wide range of silicone flexible sleeves and silicone cut gaskets in translucent silicone. Silicone flexible sleeves, and Silicone cut gaskets can be made in various thicknesses. Filcoflex custom makes silicone flexible sleeves in round, rectangular and many other shapes to customer specifications. Silicone cut gaskets can be cut from sheet using cutting machines, water jet cutting, or by punching.


As all of our products are made to order, there are many exceptions and special editions available. If you are looking for something specific or didn’t find what you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss custom solutions.


  • Silicone has a broad temperature range and is generally odorless / non-toxic.
  • Silicone offers excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, UV light, moisture, and fungus.
  • Silicone also has excellent vibration damping and maintains its dielectric strength.
  • Silicone has low compression set and offers good fatigue resistance, flex resistance, and elongation.
  • Silicone offers excellent resistance to Corona discharge, Cosmic radiation, Ionizing radiation, and weathering in general.
  • Silicone has an excellent resistance to CIP cleaning and Cleaning Chemicals.


  • Standard Silicone has poor tensile, tear and abrasion resistance.
  • PKSR has been enhanced with an open polyester mesh ply to improve the tear strength with 200%.
  • Silicone has poor resistance to most concentrated solvents, concentrated acids, concentrated alkaline, oils, fuels, hydrocarbons, and steam.
  • Silicone may become porous to high concentration fatty substance such as coffee oil at higher temperature applications (above 70° C/158° F).

Silicone sheet material as Flexible sleeve

  • Various Silicone materials are available for Filcoflex products.
  • Silicone translucent sheet is used to fabricate Silicone sleeves and silicone flexibles, Filcoflex offers several thicknesses in a translucent white color, as well as a metal detectable blue compound.
  • PKSR is a 2mm silicone with a knitted polyester mesh to create a silicone with a very high tear resistance, something normal silicone sheet is not known for.
  • All Silicone materials are use to custom make flexible connections and silicone sleeves and silicone flexibles. All flexibles can be made with Quick connect couplings such as Tri-clamp, modular Jacob tubing couplings, hoseclamp connections, and bolted flange patterns.
  • All silicone compounds offered are food contact compliant.


Food and beverage, outdoor applications, Stationary, Vibratory, Gyratory, Sifters, Screeners, Feeders, Spray driers, Fluid Bed, Static Cool Bed, Bin dischargers, Hoppers, Conveyors, Packing equipment, Storage silos, Screw conveyors, Valves, butterfly valves, Rotary valves, Tanks, Silo’s, any sort of product handling equipment, Air ducting, Fans, Inflatable seals, Covers, Outside protection sleeves, Bellows, Load cell (high volume, weight and capacity), Harmonica’s, Telescopic applications.

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