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  • Easy Connection
  • Hygienic Connections
  • No hollow bodies
  • Sleeve can be cut from roll
  • Any standardized or custom diameter
  • Robust
  • Air Tight
  • Leak proof
  • Large variety of flexible materials
  • Standard AISI 316L / DIN 1.4404
  • Custom made
  • Replaceable gasket (see accessories)
  • Re-useable metal parts and flanges
  • Suitable for PTFE flexible connections

CFL is a flexible connection equiped conical lipped bolted on Tri-Clamp flanges.

The triclamp flange is machined from a single billet. The Triclamp adapter has a conical machined lip on which a straight flexibles sleeve slides on. A counter conical counter flanges is than bolted on with a machined in gasket ring, to seal the sleeve against the conical lip. This construction means that a flexible sleeve can be cut from a roll at length and be mounted between these flanges.

The standard tri-clamp gasket is replaceable, as well are the gaskets that seal the adapter flange to the flexible connector. For both gaskets there is a choice out of a wide range of gasket materials. All the metal parts can be re-used when the flexible sleeve is replaced. This is a great advantage. By using the standard couplings on the market, you can use a wide variety of connection clamps. For example, the standard tri-clamp accessories or the versions which allow for tool release or a padlock for instance.

Brackets or braces can be placed or can be incorporated in the design to fit magnets, switches or contacts. Also, other electronic devices that either detect the presence of a flexible connection or keep it in place such as electromagnets can do, even when the clamps are removed. It can also be made suitable for lock out tag out (LOTO). This can all be of importance when the Flexible Connection is close to a rotary valve, screw conveyor, butterfly valve, mill, any other mechanical equipment or when a harmful gas is present inside the tubing.

The CFL is designed to create a connection free of any hollow bodies and without any lip or edge that would be hard to clean or could entrap contaminations or product. Not only Triclamp is an option, but all sorts of quick action type of flanges. Because of the rigid metal adapter parts making it vacuum and over pressure resistant at the same time. As well as fully customizable to your demands.

There are many application options, including specific options for weighing and dosing techniques, ATEX, foodstuffs, chemical and color and metal detection.

Flange materials

On the CFL the following flange materials are available:

  • AISI 316 L / DIN 1.4404 – standard – Ra 0.8
  • AISI 304 / DIN 1.4301
  • Hastelloy

Surface Finish Flanges

Surface finishes can be customized, such as:

  • Polished, Ra0.4 or Ra 0.8
  • H2O blasting / Sublimotion / Viwateq
  • Others on request

Adapter Flange Length

  • 26mm
  • Shorter is not possible
  • Longer lengths on request


  • Conical
  • Eccentric
  • Un parallel flange surfaces
  • Added insided Sleeve
  • Y piece / side branch / T piece
  • Bellow shape, symmetric and conical asymmetric
  • Re-inforcement rings against vacuum and over pressure (also in grounded editions)
  • Many more


  • Ø40 – Ø315
  • Any standardized diameter possible or see below the most sold diameters
  • Many Triclamp Standards
    • DIN32676
    • ISO1127
    • BS4825pt3
    • ASME BPE 2004
    • Others
  • Available with other types of none triclamp connections
    • DIN 11864
    • DIN 11851
    • And many others
  • Length is minimum 100mm, there is no maximum length.

Available Tri-Clamp Flanges


For more information please go to our Materials Comparison Table.

  • Poly Urethane (0.3mm / 1.0mm)
  • PTFE film in various thicknesses (0.3mm / 0.5mm)
  • FEP (0.5mm)
  • Silicone Weighing Bellows
  • Poly Urethane weighing bellows
  • Step Bellows (< 1.0mm)

Materials Materials comparison table

Parameter Explanation
TC OD A Triclamp Flange Outside
OD A Tube Outside Diameters
ID A Inside Diameter
WF A Welding Flange Length
AL AdapterFlange Length
FL Length Flexible Sleeve
CL Length Flexible Connector
BIHA Length Between Tubes / Flanges
MAX Maximum Available Build in Height
BL Adapter Flange Length
WF B Welding Flange Length
ID B Inside Diameter
OD B Tube Outside Diameter
TC OD B Triclamp Flange Outside
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