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  • NFC ready
  • Mobile device technology
  • IOS, Android and Microsoft compatible
  • Read and Write
  • Manuals, safety instructions, certificates etc.
  • Weblink, URL, Video, etc

NFC Chip product Feature

Filcoflex now offers a NFC chip encased in a Poly Urethane pocket that can be welded or stitched on any flexible connection as an optional product feature. NFC (Near Field Communication) technology offers the possibility to write and read a chip with any mobile NFC compatible device (iOS and Android), or with a NFC reader and writer connected to your PC. The NFC chip is encased in a Poly Urethane pocket, protecting the chip from fluids, chemicals and other influences that may damage the chip.

What to use it for

You can apply it to program the NFC with:

  • P&ID numbers
  • Unique factory position ID
  • Stockroom position
  • Part code
  • Drawing numbers
  • URL’s
  • Video web-links to Youtube, Vimeo and other services
  • Name of the allergen sensative products
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Safety instructions
  • Operating manuals
  • Internal operating procedures
  • Date of first use / replacement

Traditional tagging and ID plates on Flexible Sleeves

Many of our customers use the same standardized flexible connectors in various locations inside the factory. When these are still in their stockroom they do not yet need any unique Identity tagging. This reduces the value of the stock to a required minimum. Tagging becomes important when a flexible sleeve is used on a particular machine, in a certain factory section, position or when they have been used for allergen sensitive products. When in use a flexible sleeve needs an identification specific to that department, machine position or product that is being produced.

Tagging a product with markings is something we do for each customer who wants their unique identification on our products. Filcoflex offers customized printed labels and QR codes encased in Poly Urethane pockets. Once an ID plate is encased inside a label pocket or inside the product it becomes impossible to change the identification marking. Standardized length and diameters need to be maintained on stock for each Tag or ID number because they are not universal in use, even when they have the same dimension as others.

NFC Technology with Flexible Sleeves

With a NFC tag our customers get presented with the option of a tag or identification plate that they can write (program) their selves. The customer can change the programming whenever they like, or even secure the tag with a password, preventing that anyone can write or delete a tag’s programming.

The great benefit is that each flexible in the stockroom can be used for any purpose in your factory, until you need it for a specific purpose it remains universal. The NFC chip does not need programming before you use it. The NFC chip is only programmed to have the right contents, when you need it to be.

A pictogram is printed on the chip showing the instruction to swipe and scan the tag with your NFC compatible phone, tablet or smart device or your NFC chip reader hooked up to your PC. Since 2020 almost any smart device is NFC compatible. Each NFC chip we deliver comes with a standard link to the Filcoflex website to this Product Features page “NFC chip”.

NFC chips come in various sizes. The standard is 133 bytes for fast reading and writing. A 888 Bytes NFC chip is available upon request.

NFC chips do not require any power source or battery, this is provided by your reading or writing device through the Near Field Communication technology.

All traditional Printed labels or QR codes labels can be combined together with the NFC chip in the same Poly Urethane encasing pocket.

Software and Applications

All new Smartphones and Tablets offer the capability in the manufacturers software to read and write NFC technology. The factory software is limited in reading capability and does not allow to write the NFC chip. Software applications can be downloaded that offer expanded reading and writing capability.

We can recommend the “NFC Tools” software. Click to download for your operating system.

Windows / Mac OS / Linux




In App screenshot iOS version of “NFC Tools”

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