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Accessories & Ancillary parts

Filcoflex offers a wide range of accessories and ancillary components for flexible connections, hoses, sleeves, and inflatable products. All Filcoflex custom made products have been designed to connect to existing couplings, connections and other ancillary components that are standardized in the food processing industry, bulk material handling and pharmaceutical industry.

All ancillary components used in the food processing industry is connected using many kinds of flanges, couplings, fittings, and connections through tubing and ducting systems in round, oval and rectangular shape.

TFL Adapter flens

Jacob connection accessories

The following accessories can be used with flexible connections designed for JACOB systems: quick connect clamps, bolt connect clamps, TFL adapter flens and gasket seals.

Triclamp gasket flexible accessories-1-1

Tri-clamp coupling accessories

In addition to the connectors that are fitted with TriClamp, there are a few accessories that can contribute to easy assembly in various ways.

hose clamps

Hose Clamps

In order to be able to connect every flexible sleeve in a robust and sound manner, we have a wide range of clamping straps and hose clamps in our selection. There are 3 different styles of locks with brass bushes.

Air Regulator

To inflate all pneumatic/inflatable seals an air pressure regulator and button or pedal is required. Filcoflex offers a pre-assembled kit for all inflatable products.

Breather Bag

Breather bags designed for the venting of equipment such as hoppers and contained vessels. When your equipment is sealed 100% by using Filcoflex flexible sleeves and flexible connectors venting is required in some situation to prevent over pressure or negative pressure in your contained process equipment

Permeable / Breathing 100% polyester needle felt in standard quality and antistatic polyester needle felt for explosion hazardous environments. Both qualities are food contact compliant according to FDA and (EC) 1935/2004 and (EC)10/2011. All materials have been tested and validated by independent laboratories.

A flexible connection, inflatable seal or sleeve is required to connect most these components and machinery together due to factors such as vibrations or heat expansion. Many installations and equipment are existing and have been in use for many years and therefor require tailor made solutions. Filcoflex custom makes flexible connections to customer specification with a short lead time in single quantities. Filcoflex designs their products to performance excellent in the food processing industry and bulk material handling with minimal modifications the existing components, equipment, and machinery. The basic design idea is to try and make a flexible connection, inflatable seal, gasket, or sleeve to suit the existing or newly designed equipment without the need for any special or expensive ancillary components or accessories.

To connect the custom-made products of Filcoflex, ancillary components are required. Most these ancillary components are standardized accessories commonly used in the food processing industry and bulk material handling. In some cases, the ancillary components need some specific minor modifications to suit the custom made products Filcoflex offers to optimize performance and suit the demands of the food processing industry and bulk material handling.

Filcoflex offers all the standardized ancillary components that suit their custom made products best. Filcoflex also offers the special designed or modified components to optimize performance of your existing operation.

To find the most common of the ancillary components and accessories that Filcoflex offers please look through this section of the website. If you can not find the accessory you are looking for, please let us know and we will gladly help you find it or help design it.

Jacob Flexible Connetions

  • Jacob quick-connect clamps.
  • Jacob bolt-connect clamps.
  • Jacob U shaped seals
  • Jacob welding flange adapters
  • Jacob blanking caps

Tri-clamp Flexible connections

  • Tri-clamp ferules/welding ends
  • Tri-clamp seals/gaskets
  • Tri-clamp clamps
  • Tri-clamp blanking flanges and blanking plates.

Hoses, snap in flexible Connections, flange fitted flexible connections, hose clamp fitted flexible connections and weighing flexible connections.

  • Hose Clamps
  • Worm gear clamps, screw clips, V clamps and clamp bands.
  • Counter flanges and bolt pattern flanges
  • Seals and gaskets
  • Snap In Fitting flexible connection parts, spigots and tools.

Inflatable Bulk Bag clamps, seals, and inflatable products.

  • Air pressure regulator kit
  • Hoses

Seals gaskets and covers.

  • Spray shields
  • Hose clamps
  • Pipe tite

Ancillary components for bulk material handling, food processing industry and pharmaceutical industry.

  • End caps and blanking caps.
  • Collector Bags, socks, and bins for sifter rejects
  • Breather bags, filter bags and permeable socks.
  • Black out sleeves / light barrier sleeves
  • Explosion protection sleeves / explosion shields
  • Grounding lugs and Earthing plugs, connectors, and wiring.
  • Tools and LOTO Locks
  • Custom solutions

Please also have a look through our optional product features to compliment your custom made products, made for you by Filcoflex, to enhance your convenience and user experience.

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