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  • Seals holes in walls and panels to pipes, hoses, cables
  • Hygienic
  • Silicone white
  • Universal fit
  • Perfect seal
  • Re- boot version available
  • Large size range
  • Always on stock


The current solutions for pipe connections through walls are visually and hygienically flawed. They often do not seal properly and are not flexible or uniform. Pipetite® forms a flexible, sanitary seal that allows for pipeline movement. Pipetite’s self-sealing design and versatility eliminates problems encountered with escutcheon and metal wall plates. Pipetite does not require any sealants, making it quick and easy to install. Pipetite helps keeping process areas isolated from public spaces. The air-tight seal keeps water, bugs, dirt, mold, and dust out. The applications are endless. It is an effective option to seal a pipe, tube or other structural equipment through concrete walls, outside piping, ceiling holes and various other openings.


  • Cracking resistant
  • Weathering resistant
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures
  • Water resistant
  • Tested equivalent to 158 years of outdoor use
  • Contributing to Pipetite’s durability is a temperature rating of -40° to 500°F
  • Self-sealing ridges that provide excellent surface contact
  • Can be adapted easily to fit most pipe or tube diameters
  • Its superior pliancy allows pipes to move significantly


  • Basic
  • Reboot
  • Pipe in Pipe
  • Grommet
  • Flat
  • Cable and hose
  • Multi



Pipe in Pipe




Cable and hose


Pipetite® is available in 5 sizes for pipe diameters up to 180mm. More details on sizes can be found in our Materials Comparison Table.


Pipetite is made of hygienic silicone material in compliance with FDA specifications.

Materials comparison table

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