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Flexible connectors are used when two pipes need to be connected to one another. These small but vital components can help with the smooth running of your machines or pipework systems. By ensuring that everything is connected up in a way that is correct and secure, you can avoid problems and mistakes. Your productivity levels will benefit and you’ll be able to make the most of the strong and durable connectors that we pride ourselves on producing for all of our customers. We use the strongest materials that are built to last, so you won’t need to fret about items wearing down quickly or breaking during usage.

Firstly, our range of connectors is sure to offer you what you need. Before choosing which flexible connector is right for you, make sure you understand the pressures and hazards the connectors will be exposed to. Because of their flexible design, these connectors are able to deal with motion and movement without breaking, which is really important. Also there are other design features that we can make suited to particular applications. They’re used in all kinds of industries, from gas and oil to the production of foodstuffs. Our products are also tested to ensure their strength and durability.

The FDM is a type of flexible connector that you can buy from our online store. It has metal flanged pressed into the material and a loose gasket to seal. The overall connection is airtight and secure when in use. As a result, it gives it a smooth flow profile. The connector is very easy to fit and start using, so you won’t have any problems taking care of this yourself. The connector is pressure resistant, which is another important feature. Once it’s in place, clamping rings will hold it there and ensure the long-term security of the connector in your system.

The FSC can be made using various different flexible material types. Stainless steel flanges are welded inside the seamed ends. The connection then serves as a seal and there is no need for a gasket ring. Therefor, it makes losing parts when in use far less likely than it would otherwise be, which is a definitely positive. It’s another flexible connector that’s very easy to fit and clamping rings are used to secure it in position. The design is based on standard pipe systems, including Jacob, Noro, KMH and S&W.

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Custom solution

You’re more than welcome to contact us if you’re looking for something specific that you can’t find on our website. Meeting the precise and specific needs of our customers is something we always strive to do. When you contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss custom solutions for you, so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or to drop us an email. No matter what kind of adjustment you need to make, we’re here to help you find the right flange adaptor for the job.

About Filcoflex

Filcoflex stands for innovative solutions as a result of 30 years of knowledge and experience. We have many references in the foodstuffs sector in Europe. Filcoflex has also been operating outside of Europe for several years and has many overseas references.

  • Years of knowledge and experience
  • Different agencies worldwide
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