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Aramid Woven material has a number of benefits:

  • High temperature resistance
  • High Tensile Strength

The silicone coating on both sides has a number of benefits:

  • Woven structure is locked to prevent unraveling along edges
  • Easy to clean surface on both sides
  • Smooth surface on both sides
  • Less capillary contamination of the woven fabric
  • Better Stitching capabilities of the seam constructions
  • High temperature resistance coating

Material specifications

Name AWSR2ri
Color Red (iron oxide)**
Material Composition 100% Aramid Woven fabric with Silicone Rubber coating on 2 sides
Type of Material Coated woven fabric on roll
Width 120 cm ± 1% DUB EN 1773
Roll length 50 meter
Thickness 610 μm
Coating Scoured, both sides silicon iron oxide red coated – 400/200 gram/m2
Total weight 860 gram / m²
Temperature resistance Aramid woven fabric 300 ºC / 572 °F
Silicone coating 260 ºC / 500 °F

**AWSR2 is also available in other colors upon request, such as normal Red, Blue and Grey.

Base Aramid Woven material

Name Aramid / Kevlar
Material 100% Aramid fabric
Polymer Twaron
Color Yellow
Air permeability <1 M3 of air, per 1 M2 @ 125 Pascal
Weight Aramid fabric 460 gram/m² ± 5% DIN EN 12127
Breaking Load 14,000 Newton / 5cm
Finish Scoured
Weave style Plain weave
Construction Warp 6,7 yarns/cm 3300 dtex ± 3% DIN EN 1049-2
Weft 6 ,7 yarns/cm 3300 dtex ± 3% DIN EN 1049-2


No food contact compliancy. Not tested for its electrostatic properties. Has not been explosion pressure tested. Water- and Air- pressure tests can be performed upon request in diameters 200, 250, 300, 630, 900, 1400

Production methods

All Aramid parts are cut using a 1500 kW Laser Cutter, this burns and melt seals the edges of the woven fabric. This may leave some black discoloring on the edges.

Stitching patterns are either Zig-Zag, or double row stitched. Yarns are in Aramid.

Seams occasionally are also glued using various Silicone Adhesives.

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