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Ø114mm conductive silicone weighing bellow expands the availeble diameters

The available diameters for Silicone Weighing Bellows Conductive Black FDA has been expanded by adding diameter 114mm.

All other features are exactly the same, the cuff lengths, the bellow shape, the material thickness as well as the flexibility and conductivity of all the other electrostatic conductive black silicone weighing bellows.

The black carbon added silicone compound has an electrostatic resistance lower than 10^6 Ohm.

Due to often requests to add the 114mm diameter to the available sizes this diameter was added to expand an already large availability of sizes, shapes and compounds.

The webpage about the silicone weighing bellows has been updated with the new sizes, you can also download a product datasheet and more information has been added to the page.

Silicone Weighing Bellows

If there is a size you require, or information you are missing, please let us know.

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