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NFC technology on Flexible connectors, sleeves and seals

NFC tags are now introduced as a brand new feature in Filcoflex products.

Reading and writing information to your NFC tag with any NFC software or app with almost all mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets and PC or Mac for identification, P&ID, safety-, cleaning and replacement instructions, and many more applications.

NFC technology is short for Near Field Communication where your mobile device provides the energy field to read the NFC chip.

NFC chips do not use any batteries or power source.

What to use it for

NFC offers the possibility to program custom identification and links to important documents and instructions.

All NFC tags can be programmed with multiple records, such as text and URL information to;

  • P&ID numbers
  • Safety instructions
  • Cleaning and replacement instructions
  • Video’s and tutorials
  • Date of first use
  • Date to replace
  • Article numbers
  • Stock ID numbers
  • Allergen sensitive information
  • Safety certificates and more.

NFC tags in Filcoflex products

NFC tags are encased in a Poly Urethane pocket that protects the NFC tag from all production environment conditions such as humidity, fluids, temperature, dust and chemicals.

NFC tags can also be combined together with more our traditional printed labels and QR code labels.

Devices, readers, writers and Software

Since 2020 almost all new devices are NFC compatible for Payment and hygienic purposes.

The NFC tag can be programmed using all NFC compatible Mobile devices such as smart phones, tablets, or using a NFC reader/writer with USB connection for MAC and PC.


Any NFC Software or App for iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows or Linux is compatible with the Filcoflex NFC tag.

In our demonstration video we use the app “NFC tools” since we have good experience with this software, and it is available for all operating systems.

NFC tags can be programmed with URLs Web-links and text, you can secure them with a password and prevent unauthorized writing or erasing.


Please contact us for more information

Or visit the Filcoflex NFC chip feature webpage

NFC Chip

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