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Hygienic inflatable Bulk Bag clamp seal in Poly Urethane

Filcoflex introduces 2 new hygienic inflatable bulk bag clamps in thermoplastic Poly Urethane for filling and emptying Bulk Bags, bags and containers.

12 years ago Filcoflex introduced rubber inflatable bag clamp seals in the industry in elastic natural gum rubber, antistatic EPDM for solvent resistance and silicone for high temperature resistance. These rubber inflatable seals have been sold and used successfully worldwide in 69 countries.

The rubber version is glued. Glued seams are not the most favorable joint in the food and pharmaceutical industry. Rubber loses its elasticity and degrades making the surface rougher and harder to clean over time.

Filcoflex invested in the development of the latest thermoplastics welding equipment and tools for the manufacturing of its poly urethane sleeves, flexible connections and other thermoplastic products. This custom build plastic welding equipment makes it possible to weld the thermoplastic Poly Urethane Filcoflex products in such a way that they nearly look seamless.

Filcoflex invested in a great number of special developed tools that make it possible to change the traditional welding of bellows, sleeves and now also the inflatable seals.

Poly Urethane compressed air hoses can now be welded directly in to Poly Urethane sleeves and inflatable seal clamps. Threaded fittings that were traditionally used now become a thing of the past to make air supply line connections to inflatable bag clamps.


When handling bulk bags and containers safety is of great importance. The loss of equipment parts that can drop in to the bulk or powder product unnoticed is a great risk.

Filcoflex’s welded in air supply hoses are permanently attached to its Poly Urethane inflatable seals and clamps. The Poly Urethane 8×5.5mm hoses have a bigger diameter for faster inflating and deflating. All hoses are positioned along the top rim of the inflatable bladder.

The entire surface of the inflatable bladder is free of any protruding objects, threaded fittings or connecting parts. This maximizes the clamping and sealing surface of the inflatable clamp seal.

Inflatable clamp seals are safer than traditional bag clamps, belts and tie-downs.

Inflatable bag clamps provide a 100% seal when filling and emptying bulk bag and containers.

Process operator safety is provided when using inflatable bag clamps because there are no pinching points or sharp objects.


Filcoflex ensures a cost reduction with the 100% seal of the inflatable bulk bag clamp seals. No spillage or loss of the bulk or powder product, reducing product loss. Clean dust and powder free production environments. No dust emission due to bulk bag handling.

Hygienic Design

Poly Urethane is a hygienic, easy to clean material with a high non permeable surface. Inflatable bulk bag clamps can be manufactured using transparent or white Poly Urethane materials.

Filcoflex now offers 2 versions of the inflatable bulk bag clamp seals.

PBS-QD – Pneumatic Bag Seal – Quick Detach

Easy to connect using quick detach couplings. Hygienic to use because there is no entrapment of bulk material between the chute or filling head and the inflatable bulk bag clamp seal.

There is a wide variety of industry common used couplings; Jacob flange, Tri-clamp connection, B profile Fast Mounting snap in ring, Hoseclamp and Bolted Flange patterns.

PBS-QD connect directly to your tubing, filling head or chute.

Please visit our product web page for more information:

A brief demonstration video of PBS-QD:

PBS-OT – Pneumatic Bag Seal – Over Tube

1 on 1 direct replacement inflatable bulk bag seal for all existing and most common bulk bag clamps and inflatable seals. PBS-OT simply slides over your existing tube or chute without any clamp. Additional clamps or connection methods are optional, such as; encased hoseclamp, hoseclamp cuff, holes for and pin or bayonet connection.

Please visit our product web page for more information:

A brief demonstration video of PBS-QD:

Tailor-made products

All inflatable bulk bag seal clamps are custom made. Provide us with your tube diameter, bag sizes and the available height in your equipment. Or please see the already available sizes on our webpage that we update regularly.

Filcoflex manufactures all tailor made products fast, especially in case of an emergency.

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