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Employees and safety is an important topic when working in and around dangerous equipment. Workers in a factory can get injured by a number of factors due to unnecessary risks. In some cases when a machine is opened or a flexible connection is removed mechanical parts that are exposed whilst in function can be the cause of serious injuries, and therefor need to be shielded, or preventative measures need to be taken to protect employees.


Mechanical hazards can be Screw conveyors, butterfly valves, rotary valves, mixers, mills, grinders and many other moving and mechanical parts. Please contact us to find out all the options we can offer you.


A few of the Filcoflex customers use big electro magnets which hold lids and covers in place, as well as the flexible connections until the machinery is fully shut down. After the shutdown, the electro magnets deactivate and the parts can be removed, and not sooner, not even when the Jacob clamps or triclamp are removed.


Other customers have requested us to make sure they can put proximity switches on their machinery and removable components, so that in case they get removed during production an alarm sounds, or the machinery automatically shuts down. Filcoflex custom make Flexibles with brackets to place this type of equipment on to a flexible to become part of this safety standard in each factory.


Filcoflex sells a vast range of fl exible connections that can be removed without the use of any tools by using clamps with wingnuts and Quick Action levers. All these articles are also available in standard versions where padlocks can be placed, or without quick action levers. Clamps that need to be connected with special bolts or Inbus or hex bolts.

Our Flange Fitted flexible connector is fitted with bolt pattern flanges and is therefore one of the safest solutions in many cases.


Flexibles that can be removed without any tools or using pins, or standard tools like a spanner, wrench or allen key are considered not safe if fitted within arm length of a dangerous mechanical component. Filcoflex designs couplings to your requirements, such as connections that require specially designed tools. What our customers may call custom made solutions, Filcoflex calls this the major parts of it’s DNA. Please contact us to help you find your solution.

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