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Filcoflex introduces an all new product line to help customers detect or separate wear particles or pieces of fl exible sleeves and gaskets. 2 fl exible materials are added to our product program that are metal detectable, or can be separated with very strong magnets, and can be recognized by a color scanner.

Both the Silicone and Poly Urethane material have fi ne metal particles mixed in to it’s compound and are colored in a solid blue color. Medium or large particles can be recognized by a metal detector or color scanner, a separator with very strong magnets is able to extract these particles or pieces.


For gaskets Filcofl ex introduces a 3mm thick Silicone. With it’ s softness and high temperature resistance Silicone is a very good gasket material to seal flange couplings, covers, lids or all sorts of applications where a fl at sheet cut gasket is used. Filcofl ex can cut these gaskets to size on their cutting machines in all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of 2D shapes and designs that have inner contours, notches and hole patterns. This silicone can also be used to make flexible sleeves, but the glue that is required is a standard translucent non-metal detectable version.


For flexible sleeves Filcofl ex introduces a new Poly Urethane. Poly Urethane has a great wear and tear resistance, which is great for flexible sleeves because of their large surface compared to a gasket. This large surface of flexible connections is subject to abrasive production conditions which may leave poly urethane particles in the product passing through, or even may tear a sleeve eventually.

Poly Urethane is a material which is thermoplastic and therefor can be welded without the use of any glue or added materials. Filcoflex can make complicated shapes in Poly Urethane, and even seamless flexible step bellows, or thermoformed bellows for weighing and dosing applications.

The bleu Poly Urethane is easily detected by color, metal detectors and can be extracted or separated using very strong magnets or metal detector operated separators.


If you wish to receive any samples, or do a test with your metal detector or color detector please let us know. At Filcofl ex we gladly provide sample sheets or even test sleeves to fi t in your machinery to test and try yourselves.

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