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Dinnissen operates internationally with 180 employees and 70 years of experience in bulk goods technology, machine development, processing, engineering, controls, automation and service. The company endeavours to achieve innovation and market evolution, aimed at developing custom-made products for its customers, with production managed by Dinnissen. The improvement of ergonomics, efficiency and hygiene play an important part in this. Dinnissen operates in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, pet food, feed and aquafeed industries.

Flexible Connections for dairy cooperative via Dinnissen process technology. 

Dinnissen Process Technology is the ultimate specialist in the handling and processing of bulk goods. The company supplies complete processes for grinding, sieving, weighing, mixing, dosing, drying, expanding, extruding, vacuum coating, packing and transporting powders, grains and granulates. All Dinnissen’s machines have been developed, tested and manufactured in-house.

Did you know that we are the preferred supplier of flexible connections to a well-known dairy cooperative? Through Dinnissen Process Technology system integrator, our flexible connections are found throughout the dairy processing sector. Marco Fernhout, Dinnissen project manager, explains where in the process our flexible connections are used and why he has been working with us for so many years.

“Our cooperation consists of finding the right solutions, and Euro Manchetten is extremely adaptive, thanks to its ‘proprietary’ manufacturing power. We fit them to the dairy processor at the input and output section of the various Dinnissen systems, such as a weighing Pegasus mixer, vibrating conveyors, vibrating sieve devices and other processing and/or handling equipment that are designed to weigh”. 


Flexible connections are essential to transport substances safely between the different machines. In the dairy industry, the need to work in a hygienic environment is self-evident and was a deciding factor in Fernhout’s choice: “Euro Manchetten manufacture their flexible connections from flexible, transparent Polyurethane (PU) foil, allowing the milk powder running through it to be clearly visible. The inside of the flexible connection does not have any seams or edges, which allows a smooth flow profile. This means no milk powder gets left behind, which in turn contributes to optimal hygiene.” Also, PU is antistatic, has good compressibility and can withstand high temperatures.


Our FSC flexible connection is specifically designed for dosage and weighing systems in the milk powder industry. The overall height of an FSC flexible connection is the lowest available in the world for such a sleeve. When replacing a system, frequently machines are installed that are larger than the original machine, despite the limited space remaining the same. We are often faced with this situation, especially in drying towers, where the tower ceiling dictates the height, and we tend to solve such an awkward problem by using an FSC flexible connection. Despite its low overall height, the FSC meets all safety requirements. And, in  addition, this can be fitted directly to a Jacob tube system.


Dinnissen is always looking for solutions and innovations for complete processes, system integrations or standard products. “What I like about Euro Manchetten is that I have direct contact with a relatively small team,” says Marco Fernhout. “In the event of problems or urgent situations, the Euro Manchetten team first considers all possible solutions. What I find so typical about our cooperation, is that the price is only decided later, based on mutual trust. I would say we’re getting good value for money.”

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