Product information

Weighing bellows serve to create a flexible connection between dosing equipment, mixers, feeders or vessels on weighing cells and supply lines, drain pipes or other forms of air transport or powder transport. Accurate batch sizes are crucial to ensure a high quality end product.

Silicones are well known for their supple and flexible properties. These flexible connections produce little to no reactive force and therefore do not influence the weighing process. The bellows also prevent the transfer of vibrations and sound. This is all due to the special design of these flexible silicone weighing bellows.


  • Air-tight & dust-tight
  • Easy to clean
  • Anti Static & Electrostatic conductive
  • Extremely flexible
  • Removes influence on weighing process
  • Standardized sizes
  • Universal diameter range
  • Permitted for use with foodstuffs in accordance with:
    • FDA 177.2600
    • ECC 1935/2004
  • Also available as Quick Connect LFR & FDM

Added carbon particles make these bellows extremely suitable for applications in which an electrostatic conduction is required, for situations involving ATEX requirements. The anti-static properties prevent fine particles to stick ensuring a good product flow.

In mm In inches
40 mm 1,5 inch
50 mm 2 inch
60 mm 2,5 inch
75 mm 3 inch
100 mm 4 inch
114 mm 4,5 inch
140 mm 5,5 inch
150 mm 6 inch
In mm In inches
168 mm 6,5 Inch
200 mm 8 Inch
219 mm 8,5 inch
250 mm 10 Inch
279 mm 11 inch
300 mm 12 inch
319 mm 12,5 inch
350 mm 15 inch
Material Specification
Material Silicone rubber
Color Black
Temperature reach -30°C to +160°C
Thickness 1 mm
Conductive 10⁶ ?