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Weighing Bellows Assortment Expanded

Weighing bellows assortment expanded

Weighing bellows are often used to create a dust tight connection between loading cells and weighing equipment.

Besides the more traditional bellows there are now a few new possibilities for flexible connectors that all meet the ECC 1935/2004 and FDA requirements. These make weighing and dosing even safer and easier.

First of all, every original Filcoflex bellow now has a serial number in its collar for traceability purposes. Therefor we can guarantee it meets all food safety standards.

The new editions are more flexible and have a smoother surface as well as a higher quality finish.

The black antistatic bellow is now also safe to use in direct contact with food, feed and pharmaceuticals and meets all the FDA and ECC guidelines. It’s flexibility has increased and in addition to being antistatic, it is now also electrostatic conductive which makes this bellow ideal to use in toner and paint and pigments industry.

Because pressure is an important factor that can affect the weighing process we have expanded our line of weighing bellows with a flexible connector made out of breathing material. This material is extremely flexible, does not have a set form and requires no adjusting force and therefor it can not affect the weighing process. Because of it’s breathing qualities the over or under pressure can not increase build up due to a certain airpermeaqillity

The PTFE woven fabricated for this bellow is much easier to clean than traditional cotton or polyester fibre fabrics or textiles.

By using a new thermo forming technique we now have the possibility to make all sorts of Polyurethane bellows in low quantities. Instead of series starting from 50 small production quantities from 1 to 10 in any shape, length or diameter is now possible, while still meeting the same high food contact regulations we meet on all our polyurethane products as well as having a semi-transparent bellow.

Last but not least we are using a much thinner clear transparent Polyurethane from the same compound that can be used for a cylindrical sleeve with extreme flexibility.

The cylindrical sleeve has the added benefit of a smooth flow profile and obtaining the required flexibility to your weighing design without any bellow shape due to the decrease thickness of the Polyurethane.

This can be produced in every size and design, starting from a single quantity, making it a widely applicable solution when standard solutions are no longer suitable.

All of these bellow and materials for the purpose of use in a weighing or dosing process are available in all sorts of couplings such as, Jacob, Tri-Clamp, Bolted Flanges or can be fitted using Hose clamps.

The ends of the flexible weighing sleeve that are fixed to the machinery or tubing are always designed to resist mechanical pressure or impact of the type of connection, whereas the extremely flexible sleeve itself would be easily damaged by not carefully highly torqued down bolts, or clamps that are fitted improper.

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