Endcaps are designed to customer requirements, next to the standard versions to close off an unused machine port. Endcaps in clear transparent Polyurethane can also function as a looking glass so operators can see what is happening inside the machinery, for instance on the top of a sieve or sifter. The flexible clear transparent version is can also be produced in a bag version with a higher volume than the standard endcap, for instance to be used as a sample cup, or on a sifter to collect particles that are rejected. This bag version can also be made with handles to provide a grip on the bag for better bag handling.


  • Clear Transaparent Poly Urethane Flexible
    • FSC type (no gasket required)
    • FDM type
  • 55mm High Cover Cap
  • Flat sheet Cover plate

 All endcaps require the use of a gasket seal except the FSC Polyurethane version. Endcaps can be fitted with the Quick Connect or Bolt Connect Clamps.

60 80 100 120 140
150 175 200 224 250
280 300 315 350 400
450 500 560 600 630
  • Clear transparent Polyurethane (standard)
  • Stainless Steel 304 / 1.4301 (standard)
  • Stainless Steel 316 Ti / 1.4571
  • Aluminium
  • Steel

 Surface finish metal endcaps:

  • Glass Bead Blasted (standard)
  • Pickled and Passivated
  • Polished
    • Ra 0,4
    • Ra 0,8

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